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Root Canal Therapy
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Modern “root canal treatment” can usually immediately eliminate the pain of even a severe toothache and save a tooth which would otherwise need to be extracted. As well, advances in anesthetics have made root canal treatment virtually pain free. We find that most of our patients have more curiosity and misconceptions about root canals than any other dental service provided.

Each tooth within your mouth is supported by one or more roots. Within each root there is a small canal called the “root canal”. Contained within each canal there are living blood vessels and nerve fibers which are referred to as the “pulp” of the tooth. If a tooth has a cavity which is not treated, the cavity will continue to increase in size until it enters the pulp. When this occurs, the pulp becomes infected or damaged and the person usually experiences a moderate to severe toothache. In order to eliminate the pain and save the tooth, the damaged pulp must be removed.


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