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Dr. Lester uses a variety of orthodontic treatment to fit each patient’s individual needs and conditions. 


IP Orthodontics, which gives dentists 10 times more bracket and archwire design to choose from, in which, it creates a treatment specific for each set of braces.  Each tooth is diagnosed to find the best bracket for the intended direction of the tooth movement.

Faster treatment with the IP appliance has been shown to be at least 6 months faster than the current straight archwire appliance treatment.  Some treatment time varies significantly with severity, age, and anatomy.  Speak with Dr. Lester to get a better projections on your treatment time.


Invisible Braces is also an orthodontic treatment that we are proud to offer in this office.  The Invisible Braces employs a series of clear plastic “aligners”.

These clear plastic aligners are worn for about two weeks at a time until the desired tooth movement has occurred, at which time the patient utilizes the next fitted aligner.  This is continued until the teeth are in the correct position.  The main advantage is straight teeth without the need for metal bands or brackets.  In fact, it’s very hard to tell if someone is wearing these clear “braces” at all!

If you have questions about Invisible Braces, please speak with Dr. Leon Lester or one of his staff members today.  Invisible Braces is a great way to invisibly align your teeth to get you the straight, beautiful smile you deserve!


Broad Beautiful Smiles

Mouth breathing can cause narrow arches and unattractive smiles.  By using functional appliances while children are actively growing, Dr. Lester can help them achieve a broad, beautiful smile.

Dr. Leon Lester and his staff offer our patients tooth colored fillings and restorations.  Dr. Lester knows that this type of filling offers you the natural white color you will love.


Healthy Jaw Joints

Many children with narrow jaws, deep overbites or receding lower jaws have unhealthy jaw joints which can cause: headaches, neck pain, dizziness, earaches, ringing in the ears, Fainting, clicking or locking jaws, and difficulty opening jaws.  Early use of Functional Appliances can prevent or eliminate these problems.


To Breathe Freely

Mouth breathing can lead to orthodontic problems as well as other problems, such as lack of oxygen and poor sleep habits.  This leaves children prone to daytime fatigue, headaches or an inability to concentrate in school.


An End to Ear Pain

Deep overbites and receding lower jaws may cause earaches, stuffiness or ringing in the ears.  If infection has been ruled out, functional appliances can alleviate these symptoms.


Facilitated Speech Development

Narrow jaws can confine the tongue and interfere with normal speech.  Functional appliances help ensure proper growth and greatly enhance a child’s ability to speak normally.


Eliminate Crowding

Crowded teeth are caused by narrow arches.  By developing the arches at an early age, we may prevent or eliminate the crowding of permanent teeth, making the removal of adult teeth unnecessary.


Facial Development

75% of 12 year olds need orthodontic treatment, yet 90% of a child’s face has already developed!  By guiding facial development early with functional appliances, 80% of treatment can be completed before the adult teeth are present!



Younger children between the ages of 8 and 11 are often much more cooperative than children between the ages of 12 and 14.


Shorter Treatment Time

Early Phase One treatment means children will need to wear fixed braces on their adult teeth for less time.

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